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and gentlemen, the president of the united states. >> ladies and gentlemen, please remain standing for the procession of our nation's colors and those of our veterans service organizations and the united states air force concert band plays the -- plays the "national emblem march". ♪ ♪ ♪ [the "national emblem march" playing] ♪ >> please remain standing for the prayer for all veterans delivered by chaplain keith etheridge, director of the department of veterans affairs chaplain service. >> please join me in prayer. eternal god, another year has passed and once again we get there before you in this sacred amphitheater to pray and honor american veterans. as we gather here, we see new faces of family members still grieving the loss of loved ones who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the cause of freedom. we pray for them and for all veterans and their families who gather in ceremonies large and small at this hour to honor the living and the dead who have served in our armed forces. we especially pray for our soldiers set fort hood and for their families -- bless our veterans
, iseally of the opinion th the united states is really stuck with them a th the election hasiven the unitedtates no real alternate. therefore, he s the latitude to really take this as a rate of change that he would likand e that we pbably would not like. what's the blueprint here? >> t blueprint essential to be ale to the basicsf what counterinrgency requires d that is to be ableo protect largeopulation centers and to devote most of our energi now into regaining the coidence of the afghan people. unfortately, karzai's actions in recent times, not just corrupon, butfailure to delirbasic services are real what is forfeit so much of the cfidence and the trus that t afghan people are going to need if our strategy isoing to succeed. >>nd just vy briey, a lot of theeports about the wte house strate meeting say that esident obama is insisting that theree aay out before committing more troops. do you think that that is realistic? >> i really believe that that's a long shot here, that anyone is going to be able to script just what kind ofa way out. but it certainl may be a necessary part
states of america. >> please rise and join in the united states air force concert band in "god bless america." ♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please remain standing as we retire the colors. retire the colors. ♪ @@@@@@@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, this concludes the national veterans ceremony. please beasts -- remain seated. [applause] >> thank you for coming to honor all served. -- all research. -- all who served. ♪ morning, a wonderful, rainy, washington morning. if you were in the infantry, i am sure you appreciate a day am sure you appreciate a day >> welcome to the world war ii memorial. and also we make a special welcome to any world war ii veterans who are here. my second order of business to commence is to ask you to be sure to check this is turned off. make sure your cell phone is turned off, please. our organization is joining today with the national park service as a sponsor of this event. friends of the world war ii memorial. we also welcome and armed forces color guard from the military district of washington. after they have present
1 virus... each year, the seasonal flu kills 36,000 people in the united states - hospitalizes more than 200-thousand people... and costs the u-s economy more than 10 billion dollars in lost productivity and direct medical expenses.. experts say if h1n1 becomes more deadly.. there's a potential to see a lot more damage to the us economy. if h1n1 spreads the effect could be greater than we think.. as of august, all 50 states and 2 territories were affected and it could be a rough ride and all businesses need to be prepared. here's what experts say companies should be doing to prepare for the possible worsening of the effects of h1n1 update sick leave policies.. and temporarily forego requiring doctors notes if employees are sick. improve air circulation inside work environments... and have an emergency communications plan in place. still to come the verdict is in on the first major criminal case of the financial crisis... we talk about the impact it could have on any future cases... plus... are small business getting a chance to grow... a look at the lending environment coming up so,
with the united states prior to the war in iraq. the reason we in theory a oppose the war was that we told the bush administration that would blind to that region and we don't underestimate the with them. for you to invade and occupy iraq will be equivalent to pandora's box of evils. you go there and you will unleash evils that we don't understand, all sorts of forest have been unleashed. it's actually run for any country in the world to go and occupy another country, dismantle its government, disbanded government, the spanish police force. and pretend that they know better. you made the decision. you looked to send your troops to iraq and i feel bad for every single human life that was lost in iraq, whether it was iraqi lives or american lives because those young soldiers didn't go there because they wanted to go there. this wasn't a decision taken by the bush administration. not every american situation like the war in iraq. what i'm trying to tell you is this is a controversial issue, but if you try to become part of the lies and forget you are an american and these are iraqis, believe
think we're actually fighting with a full force and might of our united states of america? really? are we fighting to win in irak and afghanistan anymore? do you think we're going to win in afghanistan at this point? the president says he needs a new plan now, he is going to start all over again now. yeah. don't pass the judgment on fort hood. i can't make a decision on afghanistan, and by the way, russia, syria and iran are our new friends and by the way, poland and england, you're kind of on your own. look at this board, america. look. i'm an alcoholic. i have bottomed out before. i have thought my life, my career, my family was over. i thought it was over. i didn't know i had a second chance. we always got a second chance, but you got to decide. i got a problem and i want to live. when you approach that bottom, you have two choices. you just let it go, and if you don't stop pretty soon, you will die. you will destroy yourself, or you say, wait, wait. put the brakes on here, i got a problem, but admitting that we have a problem is the first step, america. we got a problem. it's
? >> absolutely. you know, jaycee, the statistics speak for themselves. in the united states, heart disease and stroke are two of the top three killers of people in the united states of america. in dc, we rank at the bottom. near the bottom in both of those categories. so it's not just children, children are also affected by this. especially because of the high rates of obesity we have. so it's important for etna to be a leader out there with all the corporations, finding ways to talk to people about health and wellness and partnering with the american heart association is a great way for us to do that. we are excited to be a partner with them. >> we are having happy you are part of it. what it does, it promotes physical activity for families. >> yes. >> that's one of the things to try and have a healthy heart is get out and do some activity. walk. >> absolutely. you know, it's very easy to start a walking program. and the great thing about walking is that of all the different exercise programs that people try to start, walking has the lowest dropout rate of all those programs. >> we a
of fabric a month. we are a major player in the fabric industry in the united states and we are creating opportunities in the commercial sector by buying american-made goods. >> the uniforms themselves represent a whole lot. it represents the whole united states. >> everything that starts here, once it gets to them and when they put them on and see the work that done, they may not know us personally but we know we do this for them and i would hope the word would get out when these uniforms are made by people like us they can also feel proud and know we are doing a fine job for them. >> reporter: when you talk about heros the people that work here will tell you overcoming obstacles is just part of living and that the real heros are the people that wear the uniforms that they make here. scott broom, 9news now and >> blind industries and services of maryland employees about 200 blind workers who work side by side with their colleagues. the company also produces janitorial supplies and paper goods. >>> still ahead. a difficult journey. find out how some veterans are making their w
. that goal, of course, was never achieved. today the united states and its allies remain entrenched in the conflicts in afghanistan and iraq. in the united states and europe and beyond, those who have served and sacrificed were remembered and honored. the day also brings into sharp focus the growing hardships faced by many veterans. in toad focus," we are going to look extensively at the memories and the scars of war. we begin our coverage with the british perspective from itn's rags martel. ♪ >> reporter: for 90 years the sacrifice of the first world war has been remembered. this year is different. the first armistice day without any veterans of the great war. the last three of its soldiers, henry allingham, harry patch and william stone, died earlier this year. >> neither the last of his comrades in arms has gone to his eternal rest, we are here once more to remember. >> reporter: and at the 11th hour, silence, around britain and the world. [ bell tolls ] ♪ >> reporter: at westminster abbey, the flag used to cover the bodies of the fallen during the first world war hung above
of the united states of america to have that decision made and made as soon as possible. >> still, general david petraeus, the head of central command, says the month-long process has been productive and is almost over. >> there have been explanations and discussions about how the civilian component of this will complement what is done by the work of our military troops. >> by all accounts, afghanistan's government is the weak link in the four strategies the president is now focusing on. >> in the couner is insurgency strategy, the war relies on the eth cassie of the host nation partners, the afghan national police and the government itself. >> the inability to count on some regional governors as partners or to predict a time line for the national government to train enough reliable security forces suggests to some experts a hybrid strategy. >> it's not focused on a counterinsurgency across the entire country but a counterinsurgency in a few key areas, the most violent areas. >> sensible strategy is counterinsurgency involving pakistan as well and the obama administration has set up benchmarks f
to uphold the constitution of the united states and obey the orders of the united states and the officers of the marines. so i think that is pretty clear. >> we had a question in the back over here. >> [unintelligible] >> i would like to get a question from a nonmember of the press. >> [unintelligible] we are increasingly fighting with allied forces in different venues around the world. yet we're the only country with the exception of the u.k. that does not have eccentric warfare. what are we doing, should we do to get more procurements overseas to build up their network-centric capabilities so that we do not have to do all the war fighting? >> i want to correct a term that i never felt was accurate. warfare is not network-centric. it is commander-centric. that commander is enabled by networks. this is a hugely important concept if you approach it that way. in fact, when i came home from iraq the second time and went out to fort leavenworth, which is also in charge of air combat training centers and the simulation centers and also do the high level exercises, we did some major overhauls.
. >> we are already working with the government of the united states of america on securing the state of the iraqi borders. second, what my colleague will lott said that is he has a selective way of choosing things. we have a long list of statements by u.s. generals and iraq, on the record, and we will give you the names. send me an e-mail that will give you my card right now. i want to be a long list of official, on the occurred quotations by top-ranking american journalists in iraq saying that of -- top-ranking american generals and direct saying that of course the worst problem of the insurgents in iraq, but they did not come to more than 2% or 3% of the total number of insurgents in iraq. . mainly homegrown. do we allow them to cross into iraq to? of coarse we don't. regardless of public statements i'm sorry i can't disclose everything, but i will say it this way. we are actually working with the obama administration decision. we are working with the u.s. military on this issue. "-begin-double-quote we've be there. people always try to tell you misinformation or disinformation, in
greater threats throughout the region. much less to the united states of america. >> still, some experts say hammond karzai's work -- ham i had karzai's weak -- hamid karzai's weak support suggests the u.s. is better off with a hybrid counterinsurgency strategy. >> it's not based on a counterinsurgency across the entire country but most violent areas. >> after today's 2 1/2 hour long meeting, administration officials said the president believes the u.s. must make clear to afghanistan that our commitment is not open ended and that that country's governance must improve in a reasonable period of time. shepard: wendell goler on a rainy night at the white house. many of the u.s. troops already serving in afghanistan paused for a time on this veterans day. to remember those who have served with them and before them. a moment of silence, part of a ceremony today at a military base in kabul. troops from other coalition nations joined the u.s. service members, remembering their own veterans on this 91st anniversary of the end of world war i. finding a health care insurance solution. tonight, new
,000 people in the united states since april. the virus isn't getting more dangerous but the cdc is now counting lab confirmed cases and deaths from complications related to h1n1. >>> president obama got four options from advisers about afghanistan, and he turned them all down. a white house official says the president has growing doubts about the afghan government, and he wants an exit strategy before sending extra troops. so he sent all his staff recommendations back to the drawing board. former secretary of state colin powell supports the president's cautious approach. >> this is a very difficult one for him, and it isn't just a one-time decision. this is a decision that will have consequences for the better part of his administration. so, mr. president, don't get pushed by the left to do nothing. don't get pushed by the right to do everything. you take your time to figure it out. you're the commander in chief and this is what you were elected for. >>> well, part of what's making this decision so hard is the president's two top men in afghanistan completely disagree about bringing in
. listen to this. >> it is the job of united states congress to give americans confidence that there is a system in place that works for and protect them. this proposal would create a new architecture to make our financial institutions more transparent, more responsible, and more accountable to the american people. sean: more transparent? now, i know that is what you are all about, senator, and i guess that is why it took you one year to release those documents about that sweetheart deal that you got. one dirty secret has now been exposed that reveals a very different story that exists behind the scenes. it turns out that it was barack obama's staff that leaked the reports of john edwards' $400 haircuts, which went to show just out of touch was with everyday americans. the man behind it was an obama campaign manager. the things we know about it john edwards, having a baby with an elected mr. is, it is not exactly watergate. and forget the democratic health-care bill -- having a baby with an alleged mistress. sean: president obama was quick to brag about the ama endorsing t
beers in the united states. one is a wheat beer named bud golden lite. stock index futures are indicating a slightly open on wall street. wall street hit another record high. -- gold hit another record high yesterday. i am now she'll still. ck over to you. >> thank you. >>> 5:27. we have only 43 degrees. the news continues. >> still ahead, a bus stop shooting kills a young man. a family mourns the loss of another son. >> it stong. i blinked and it hurt. >> you know how ticks can get into nooks and crannies of your body. we have a story coming up. >> the investigation into the shooting of fort hood continues. some of the heroes are now speaking out. i will have their stories. >> we are live in the weather center. a developing storm will pound the area with cool conditions. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> the time now is 5:30 on this thursday morning. welcome back. >> your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. we will have lots of times on both fronts today. let's start with the weather. >> we do have a developing storm system
a better way. >> reporter: across the united states, getting vaccinated against swine flu has meant the frustration of hours waiting on line. >> thank you for waiting. you're in. thank you. >> reporter: contrast that with this, the quiet calm of a british doctor's office where it's vaccination by invitation only. >> of course we have to get the highest priority patients done first. >> reporter: everyone here got a phone call from their doctor because they have an underlying medical condition. she is pregnant, he is diabetic. jane theophilus takes medication that depresses her immune system. why is getting this vaccine important to you? >> it wasn't. i was told to come. (laughs). >> reporter: the centralization of britain's national health service, the n.h.s., means every at-risk person can be identified. each n.h.s. medical practice got 500 doses of vaccine, a first wave, to vaccinate the most vulnerable first. dr. steve field is a british g.p. and a harvard professor. >> in the united states, i get the feeling often that it's about survival of the fittest. survival of those with mo
of the recent book "the fourth star: four generals and the epic struggle for the future of the united states army." greg jaffe, thank you for being with us. >> thanks. >> woodruff: why are all these recommendations on afghanistan being paid public. is this what the administration wants. >> i think that is probably the last thing that they want right now. but it's been a long, drawn-out process. it's a huge decision for this president and this administration. somewhat of a contentious process. i think there are strong feelings on both sides in terms of how many troops you should send, how long they should be there, what they should be doing. so just one of these natural kind of things that tends to happen in washington when you have competing bureaucracies, competing priorities, you tend to get a lot of leaks. >> woodruff: so it really is as messy as, i don't know, what adjective would you use, how would you describe the process? >> you know, it is certainly complicated. it has certainly gone on for a while. i don't know if messy is the right one to use am they do seem to be moving to a decis
ambassador correctly should, which is to offer his best appraisal for the president of the united states before a decision. the president is entitled to those views. if his views on has characterized, i fully agree with what the ambassador has said. >> america's top commander wants to deploy another 40,000 troops to afghanistan, and nato's secretary-general this asking the u.s. to follow suit. >> the only way forward is to transfer responsibility to the afghans, themselves. people ask me, one of the mission in afghanistan and? the mission is clear, when the afghans are able to take responsibility for themselves. çtherefore, we need to train ad educate more afghan soldiers and police. >> president karzai knows his government is under close -- closer scrutiny than ever. the presence of german troops is unpopular with many back home. çtoon, a decision to be made by everyone. -- soon, the decision to be made by everyone. >> the brazilian government has said a severe storm was to blame for a power cut that left 16 million people without electricity. at first it was suggested a hydroelectr
that this is not an open- ended commitment by the united states. jon: and he has concerns about president karzai? >> the newly reelected president of afghanistan, yes, the president wants to know that karzai is ready to take over security for his country and root of corruption, even if it is in his own government. he wants evidence that things will improve. and this falls reports that the u.s. ambassador -- follows reports that the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan sent cables to washington and voicing concerns about sending more troops before the afghan government cleans up its act. jon: when do we expect an announcement? >> this decision about troop levels, right. not while he is overseas in asia. he is due back in washington november 19, one week before thanksgiving. he may make an announcement. we are not sure. but we know it may not be -- will not be well he is in asia -- will not be while he is in asia. jane: the flu vaccine is still difficult to get, and the death toll is higher than initially estimated. also, harris is watching the pictures out of boston. at least three are hurt after scaff
to the constitution and to defend the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic. >> superiors at walter reed army medical center say they were concerned about is a radical religious beliefs. hasan attended lectures and he was transferred to fort hood and thought it would be a good fit. >> i was in the line of fire. >> as the story of survival are revealed, so too are the gaps in communication between u.s. intelligence agencies. >> we have not improve coordination beten those who watched terrorism and those who monitor who can buy a gun. >> it was reported that it was at this store where hasan bought the handgun he used in the shooting. the fbi did a background check. it could not share information on gun purchases. the information never got to a task force aware of the contact with a radical imam suspected of ties with al qaeda. >> is still has not been closed eight years after 911. >> they want to know which agencies knew what and when. the never received a formal request from hasan to leave the military. courtney robinson, abc 7 news. >>> one of the heroes of the shooting is a civilia
of water over much of the united states,. >> let's take a look at the radar, the heavier just south of the baltimore region but it is beginning to move. so we'll see moderate rain at times. take a look around the area, south of the area to moderate shower activity, just to the south of us with pockets of moderate rain around the city. the heavier however, queens town, over the portions of the bay bridge area, just to the east of annapolis right now, cambridge, down to salisbury, just light, the baltimore region seeing a half inch south of us, as much as an inch and a half of rain has fallenment fallen, take a look at temperatures, cloudy skies, 43 for the temperatures, ocean city, 50, 3000 feet, the mountains seeing a few wet snowflakes. right now, winds coming out of the east, 21 in ocean city, but wind gusts 30-40, offshore, winds of 40-45 miles per hour. these are -- just about you know we're talking tropical storm gale force winds, not that strong, but we'll get breezes tomorrow, 20-25, all because of ida offshore, strengthening off the gulf. and there is a huge pressure matter
in the united states. the cdc now believes at least 4,000 americans have died from h1n1. that number is four times the previous estimate and includes deas from complications like pneumonia and bacterial infections related to the virus. the cdc says since april many millions of americans have come down with the swine flu. >>> caught on camera, the final moments of a maryland man's life before a deadly police shooting. dash cam video showing what went down after he was pulled over. >>> plus, a plane full of passengers ready for takeoff. so why did police escort the pilot out? the reason could make you uneasy. >>> a fox 5 investigation 911 dispatchers accused of putting the lives of police officers on the line. tonight we track down the woman in charge. why is she running from us? fox 5 news at 10:00 is just getting started. we'll be right back.  >>> we're following breaking news tonight from the west coast. boxer mike tyson has been arrested at los angeles international airport. he reportedly got into a fight with a photographer. tyson's spokeswoman says the boxer was traveling with
may have been transferring money from the united states to pakistan prior to the attacks. the congressman described this to me as a real lead or potential lead that was being run down by federal authorities. what i know separately from ply report something that in addition to the apartment, the computer and cell phone records, they were going through the banking records to get a better picture of his background. shepard: catherine herridge live in washington. thank you. breaking news now. former president george w. bush is speaking live for the first time from southern university in texas. >> i'm also pleased to be sharing the stage with laura. she has been an awesome partner for the past 32 years, and 7 days. i think she is the best former first lady in the nation's history. [applause] although i better be a little careful. competition in the family. i'm glad to be with our daughter jenna and we're looking forward to having our daughter barbara come to dallas tonight. one of the joys of my time in public service has been watching our girls grow into professional women, w
.s., in the army killing soldiers at a base in the united states. bret: is there a point where this evidence adds up and it is a tipping point and somebody starts talking about terrorism? >> i think so. bret: from the administration. not the commentators or the news people, but from the administration. >> we don't know everything yet. there were multiple e-mail accounts, some which were disguised. he had a shredded shah he reader in his home and they have to to search dumps near fort hood. at best, he is a lone, you know, a lone terrorist with connections with jihadists, which is itself a huge problem. at worst, there actually were much more serious connections with people abroad and elsewhere in the u.s. bret: charles. >> i think it is worse if he acted alone. if there are connections you have agents of those abroad. we have been rather good since 9/11 preventing outsiders from infiltrating but the idea of someone who grows up here and on his own becomes a jihadist with spiritual intellectual influence of outsiders. he is not an agent but he acts as a self-agent on behalf of jihadism, that is ha
been four times higher than first thought. the h1n1 may have killed 4,000 people in the united states since april. the cdc is now counting lab confirmed cases and deaths complicated from h1n1. >>> president obama got four options from advisers about afghanistan, and he turned them all down. a white house official says the president has growing doubts about the afghan government, and he wants an exit strategy before sending extra troops. so he sent all his staff recommendations back to the drawing board. former secretary of state colin powell supports the president's cautious approach. >> this is a very difficult one for him, and it isn't just a one-time decision. this is a decision that will have consequences for the better part of his administration. so, mr. president, don't get pushed by the left to do nothing. don't get pushed by the right to do everything. you take your time to figure it out. you're the commander in chief and this is what you were elected for. >>> well, part of what's making this decision so hard is the president's two top men in afghanistan completely disagree ab
allies that have lent billions to the united states that the u.s. is still strong and the dollar still solid. concerns of regional and international security including north korea will be discussed. his plans for afghanistan will no doubt be in the mix. plus, meeting several newly elected leaders in asia for the very first time. we're following his trip when he does take off. >>> then the economy, of course, will be an important part of the president's trip. just a few moments ago, he spoke about this morning's jobs reports. >> the economic growth that we've seen has not yet led to the job growth that we desperately need. as i've said from the start of this crisis, hiring often takes time to catch up to economic growth. given the magnitude of the economic turmoil that we've experienced, employers are reluctant to hire. >> jen westhoven will have more on the jobs numbers in a minute. >>> heavy rain from what's left of prop cal storm ida is now battering the mid-atlantic. virginia's governor declared a state of emergency. there are coastal flood warnings in some of those areas there. the
's a mart. so if yolet things happen it will be li the united states. there are many supporter but the end we said, "no, this is not the way we wanto go." >> reid: ty wanted a system th gave everybody equal access to health care, freehoice of doctors with no waiting time and a systemhat encouraged lots of competitn among medil providers. to financehe scheme, they chose a national insance systemhat forced everybody to join iand pay. but profesr hsiao thought taiwan could improve oother countries like japan a germany >> we trto correct their mistakes. japan has many funds. >> reid: yes. >> and wunified it. geany let the rich people opt out. we do not let the rich peopl opt out. so we're building on whathey have de correctly, but trying to overcome their ficiencies. >> reid: the solutn: to have one government insurer collecting t money and no chance to t out. the resulta system that works a bit like the u. medicare systemor the elderly, and, in facta lot like canada's. >> ihas drug benefits, vision care, traditional chinese medicine, kiey dialysis, inpaent care, outpatient care; just abo ever
. there was a custody agreement that was agreed to in the united states that my ex-wife ignored and broke federal and state laws in order to ignore. and i think we have to come back to that stance first. and say, okay, this -- the jurisdiction can't be moved by an individual to japan or to whatever country just because they like it. >> savoie was released from jail last month. no word when he will be able to see his children. >>> the jury begins to consider whether the death penalty should be given to a man who killed anne pressly to death. he shouted. >> it is a corrupt system. >> today was justice for anne. i know nobody is more grateful than the parents and all of anne's friends. >> the jury's sentencing options death or life without parole. if they can't decide the judge imposes a life sentence. >>> somebody walked into a convenience store and stole money donated for a 10-year-old boy with a brace disorder. >> i was absolutely sick. it made me sick. i couldn't believe that somebody could do that and, i mean, how do you sleep at night? how do you live your life. the woman collecting donations
can now get the vaccine. the only plant in the united states that makes the vaccine, they are working around the clock. some health officials say it may be too late. >> unfortunately, the consequence of not having enough vaccine soon enough is that some people will be sick and some of those will die. >> the clinic hereets underway at 9:00 and goes until noon. if you come here, you need to park in the back of the building and entered the clinic from the back of the building. in this weather, you do not wa to walk around the building. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >>> a quick last look at traffic and weather. >> the wind is driving the rain. it is cold. it is horrible out there. i will show you the bands of rain. sao off and east of town, you're seeing the heaviest rain. st. mary's and calvert counties. there is a flood advisory. the wind continues to push off the east. no immediate advisory for today. low to mid 40's will be the best we can do. the big storm is circulating down off the carolinas. it is bringing the moisture in and slamming a with rain, not snow for the area. le
in the united states. of the 4,000 who have die540 were children. a total of 98,000 people have been hospitalized since april a. third of them kids. now, these numbers are a lot higher than previous estimates. the cdc says it's a more accurate representation. keeping an eye on potential mutations of the swine flu is a top priority. they want to be prepared for genetic leaps. >> reporter: as h1n1 influenza races across the continent, a team of researchers in san francisco are tracking its every move and mutation. >> we really want to find out how rapidly is it changing, is it changing at all and ultimately, if so, what implications does that have with regard to vaccine and drug resistance. >> we have tested a lot of viruses. and it hasn't changed genetically and neither has the immune characteristics. >> reporter: influenza has a tendency to mutate and big genetic leaps can be catastrophic. doctor chew and his team are tasked with making sure it never happens again. >> i'm hoping the work we do here will help better manage pandemics. >> reporter: specimens are kept at minus 110 degree
,900 died, including 540 children in the united states. tonight we look at this epidemic from the front lines. our report from our chief science correspondent robert bazell. >> hi, how are you? >> good. how are you? >> good morning. >> reporter: these days -- >> so you want to do a flu on the baby in 18? >> reporter: -- nurse patty hits the ground running for her morning shift in the emergency department of children's hospital boston. >> and fever or no fever? >> reporter: and the pace never lets up. >> what i'm going to do is put a little swab in the nostril, and then they'll let us know if the baby as flu or not flu. >> reporter: shane mcnally woke up to find his 3-month-old daughter riley ann very sick. >> i'm scared for her. i'm upset for her. i'm mad that we're aggravating her and she's crying the whole time. >> reporter: riley ann was admitted to the hospital but left feeling far better. in the past few weeks, the number of daily visits here have gone up as much as 50%. almost all of the additional cases are children with flu-like symptoms. does this flu season making parents more
online lectures featuring the con stance on the path to jihad have urged attacks on the united states. >> never underestimate the power of fear, especially, especially, when the enemy of allah hears allah akbar. >> reporter: his words have power. the men convicted of plotting to kill u.s. soldiers at ft. diction says he was their inspiration. they were taped talking about him. >> you got to hear this lecture. >> reporter: and in canada, the so-called toronto 18, who plotted to attack parliament also said they were inspired by awlaki. >> so, what ends up happening is, they inspire people and think, okay, let's take it to the next level. let's be our own little al qaeda group. >> reporter: yet, there was no follow-up investigation when the fbi learned that majorasan has sent as many as 20 e-mails to awlaki. awlaki addresses his followers as soldiers of allah, the soas. on business cards hasan used, he makes no reference to the u.s. military, but lists, instead, himself as an soa. he is a soldier off allah. charlie? >> brian ross, thank you. >>> we reported last night that new numbers ab
investigating. >> my understanding was that it was two vehicles owned by the united states secret service. one was a sedan and one an suv. secret service personnel were operating the vehicle. they had no protectee, such as the vice. or president. none of them were in the vehicle. >> reporter: the secret service says the cars were being driven from andrews to a garage in the cy. ey had just returned from the vice president's trip to fort lewis in washington state. park police investigators say they know who was struck and killed here, but have not been able to locate any of his relatives. sergeant david slaucher is a spokesperson for police. >> we're identifying him as an adult male. as far as what he was doing out at this hour and on the suitland parkway, we're looking into that as part of the overall investigation. >> reporter: in the light of day you can see where this happened. he says the secret service cars were westbound on suitland parkway. the pedestrian was crossing the parkway here at naler road just as this woman was doing this afternoon.
than any other region in the united states for two reasons -- number 1, location, location, location. we are right by the federal government. we have a very strong sector in contractors, and we also have a strong sector in business to business companies. >> there is a trend in government spending that particularly concerns you, you were discussing with me before. tell us about that. >> that is in sourcing on the part of the federal government. president obama has a directive that basically says that we need to take the functions presently being done by federal contractors, by the private sector, and turn more of those back into federal employees and federal government functions, and i think that is a big mistake. >> the government put a man on the moon. why is that a mistake? >> it put a man on the moon by a heckuva lot of federal contractors, private-sector companies participating in its public/private partnerships. if we turn all or many of those functions back into the federal government, we will lose a lot of innovation and a lot of cutting edge technology. i have never yet seen
this decision. >> we owe it to the military and the united states to have that decision made and made as soon as possible. >> reporter: now the white house says the president is starting with a blank slate. rejecting the options he's been presented. including the request of his top general in afghanistan who wants as many as 40,000 additional troops. officials say he wants a clear path to turn responsibility over to the afghan government. >> in order for the united states to withdraw eventually out of that -- out of afghanistan, you have to have a stable afghanistan. >> reporter: but afghanistan is far from stable. and now at associated press reports that the u.s. ambassador there has sent a secret cable to the white house. >> the fact that cables like that are being leaked demonstrates that whatever decision is reached, there will still be disagreement after it's over. >> reporter: the president leaves foreasia today and not expected to announce a before he returns late next week. doug luzader, fox news. >>> as we turn to swine flu fears now, there are stunning new numbers behind the newest
that is making the h1n1 shot in the united states. and has produced half of the nation's supply so far. sanafi promised 20 million doses by the end of october but delivered 17 million. health officials blame that on the vaccine coanies. >> what we were doing is relying on the manufacturers to give us their numbers. it does appear now that those numbers were overly rosy. >> reporter: at sanafi they insist once they realized production was not going as planned, the government was fully informed. >> 30 consecutive weeks discussing this with them. we've kept them very much informed in terms of what we felt our production schedule could be. >> reporter: sanofi says its production is at full steam and it will soon be ahead of schedule. for most of the 159 million americans at high risk from h1n1, the wait for vaccine continues. the production of this vaccine takes from three to four months. most of that is taken up by testing. samples from each batch undergo 50 tests, including tests for strength and safety. critical tests. but it all takes time. lisa stark, abc news, swiftwater, pennsylvania. >>> t
that weather was brought to you by the united states postal service. chris? >> all right, sam. don't let him nibble on your ear. >>> we're lucky to have america's best-selling crime writer, at it again. here with us. more than 20 years that readers have been following the adventures of kay scarpetta, the steely chief medical examiner. and we're back with "the scarpetta factor," and patricia cornwell. it's great to have you here. >> it's great to be here. >> it's interesting that the forensics you know and the diagnostics, it's the human sense that the character is using to find their way around the city. >> it's really funny you would say that. that's really what "the scarpetta factor" means. the factor is her. all the good stuff, the medicine, the science, but at the end of the day, it's her wits, her humanitarian sensibilities that leads her through a difficult morass of events. >> can i take a guess why that is? >> why? >> we've talked before, about the proliferation of dependency on forensics. people on juries think you can prove everything through high-tech science on tv. is this a reac
it, oh, you know, they sate there wra anti-free market people sorted with the president of the united states are marxists, yeah, yeah, that was crazy, huh? when you saw the president go nearly 2 full minutes before mentioning fort hood and then giving a shoutout before get together point, your gut alarm bells went off, something is wrong, and what other president in history has ever started his remarks out dealing with a national tragedy of death and terror for a shoutout for anything other than what happened? the appropriate expression of sympathy for and solidarity with the victims and the families an wrapping up the remarks by expressing, oh, i don't know, this will never happen again, and i'm going to do everything to get to the bottom to make sure. you can imagine f.d.r., the patron saint of the progressives meandering around babbling about anything but pearl harbor on december 8, 1941. mr. vice president, mr. speaker, members of the house of rep sen you tiffs, first, i want to say a big fat howdy to my buddy bob hope! i watch his movies all the time and he dresses up like a woma
. secret service says the suspect lives in the united states and had come to the embassy 11:30 in the morning to get information on how to return to togo. the man became agitated when speaking to employees and brandished a knife and began attacking them. others wrestled the man to the floor and held him until authorities arrived. the unusual incident at the townhouse embassy attracted intense media interest. a man who answered the door at the embassy said there would be no comment to television cameras. togo's ambassador was not present during the incident. tom sherwood, news4, washington. >>> the suspect and three employees were taken to george washington hospital for treatment. >>> the national transportation safety board is planning a public hearing on the deadly metro crash back in june. the ntsb announced today that the hearing will be held on february 23rd and 24th. the board says the purpose of the hearing is to gather information for their investigation. they also hope to increase public knowledge about transit safety across the country. that crash on the red line ki
for the united states army, thanking me, in general, for what you do. i walked out of their thinking, how ashamed of was at how poorly i handled a different kind of tragedy in my life at the same age. i was angry and bitter. they were proud and resolved. and each of the young men who were memorializing that day had a person there to speak for them. one young man looked to be in his early 30's, a ramrod straight, obviously badly wounded, and with absolute rectitude said, giving tribute to one of the noncommissioned officers fallen, said, i was with him. these were my guys. his entire platoon was wiped out and he was there. i walked up afterwards and shook hands with each of those young men and i said, powell, god love you, as my mother would say. you went through hell. he said, sir, it's part of the job. it is my duty. everywhere i have gone with you, in the theater, and now more than 30 trips in the balkans and the middle of the war in afghanistan and iraq, i absolutely marble -- i marvel at how incredible our fighting forces are. i am all but be on my own expectations -- awed be on my own expect
want to know why he was still allowed on the military base, this is an act of war against the united states by this guy, and it doesn't matter if it's one person or 19 people, doing something, it still is a terrorist attack. bill: so you would have been hard on the terrorist attack. >> i would have. bill: obama and his people will say what good does that do? it just gets the middle east up in arms again. it just -- we're making progress there. they're cooperating with us a little bit more. and now we're throwing it in their face again like bush did. so why bother doing it? it's going to hurt the country and you say? >> we're not making any progress there. and secondly the issue here is that when the president goes on national tv, and tries to essentially mischaracterize this, and to squelch anyone focusing on it as a terror attack, because he wants to avoid political blame for the first attack on our soil since 9-11, everybody knows it. bill: but i don't think anybody is blaming obama for the attack. i don't think rational people would blame president obama. >> but i think -- yeah, o
for disease control was working from. the only one in the united states that makes the swine flu vaccine is working to work against the backlog. for many, it may be too late. >> unfortunately, not having enough vaccine soon enough, we will have people who will get sick and die. >> some teenagers have been throwing rocks at residents in a capitol hill neighborhood. >>one is a man was captured on a cell phone camera. >> i am shocked that this is happening. my neighbors are shocked. they have broken my neighbor's door. >> residents and police believe the students are from the local junior high school. we will have another news update at 8:56. for continuous news coverage, tune in to our sister station, news channel 8. ♪ >>> you see that. you know who they are. look at those beautiful dalmatians. the new stars of the "101 dalmatians" musical. real rags-to-riches dog tale here. all rescued from around the country. stars, whining with excitement. we have them here this morning, as a little treat. >> few sequins on their spots. >>> and robin roberts, still in nashville this morning. come on h
were cut with a knife. secret service says the suspect lives in the united states and had come to the embassy about 11:30 in the morning to get information how he could return to togo. police say the man became agitated when speaking to employees, brandished a knife and began attacking them. other employees wrestled the man to the floor and held him until authorities arrived. the unusual incident attracted intense media interest. a man who answered the door at the togo embassy said there would be no comment to television cameras. togo's ambassador was not present during the incident. a suspect and three embassy employees were all taken to george washington hospital. there were no life-threatening injuries reported. >> tom sherwood, thanks. >>> police continue their search for a killer who gunned down a man yesterday afternoon. george rawlings was shot to death as he boarded a metro bus in the 1400 block of northeast. he just attended the fushl of a friend murdered on halloween. according to a police source, rawlings was not a witness to his friend's killing, but did feel threat
benefiting from cash for clungers in the united states. volkswagen really benefiting from the european cash for clunkers programs and that is why at least to this point, they are number one in cars manufactured year to date. gm slips to number three. >> yeah. okay. thank you. appreciate it. see you tomorrow. the remnants of ida are ill causing problems this morning. tony has a check on our rainy forecast coming up. the roads are rough too. sarah similar monday is following that story for us. >> reporter: standing water has the beltway backed up for miles here in virginia. coming up, we'll have details on what you need to know for your morning commute before you head out here on the roadways. we'll be back right after this. it's the 2-day mega sale at toys "r" us! this friday and saturday only! amazing doorbuster deals...friday 3pm-midnight! ...and saturday, 7am-1. two days of big savings you can't miss... save even more with doorbusters this friday and saturday. plus, 60% off all outerwear for the family. go to to see everything on sale. style, quality and price matter. jcpenney >>>
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